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The Definition of Perfect


How are you guys, I haven’t posted anything in a while, so I decided to do a special post. (btw I was too busy shopping with all of the black friday sales happening!)

So, let’s dive in…. The Special Post!

I decided to give you some tips to always look perfect, whether it’s glam, styled, casual, chic, or just the “you” style you’re going for!

•Have a style, by this I mean have a kind of “structure style”. For example, you wear a tight bottom and a loose top, or you might wear a certain type of sleeve. You can use this to build off of. For example, if you want to go for a boho look, you can use your “structure style” for a base and then add a neutral colored shawl to go with your boho theme.

•Know the meaning of perfect. To do this ask yourself “what do I mean by perfect, what is my definition of perfect?” There is no right or wrong answer to this question. It’s opinion that matters. So, does perfect mean that you look tidy and ready to go, or does it have to show your personality? Ask yourself, and decide this one on your own.

•Always look after your body. This means that you can’t look perfect with a Chanel bag, and a chipped manicure. Take time to not only focus on clothing, but also on your self appearance. Some of these things include

  • Smell good, daily showers are mandatory.

  • Washing your hair weekly. It depends on your hair type, but at least once a week is a must.

  • Keep your nails manicured. You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars every week, getting the latest trendy acrylics, but you should never have chipped nails or peeling nail polish. Also try keeping your hands moisturized will help you have pretty cuticles. To make your nails look fresh, try applying a few coats of clear nail polish to have shiny nails.

  • Make sure your hair isn’t frizzy and comb it every day. Not going out isn’t an excuse to have a bird's nest on your head. Use oils to keep your hair smooth and soft.

  • Have good teeth. Brush daily and use a coconut/ charcoal toothpaste for extra whitening. A good toothpaste is My Magic Mud (sold on amazon)

  • Last but not least, have good skin. Having flawless skin is impossible, but having “feeling great skin” is. Use a cleanser everyday and moisturize daily. You can also use an argan oil to have almost perfect skin.

•Keep your clothes smelling good and clean. Wash your clothes after 1-2 wears to keep them in good condition. Iron your clothes before wearing them.

Follow these steps, and you will get 5 more steps closer to perfection!

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